Sacramento Century Challenge 2018

For the second year in a row, I completed the Sacramento Century Challenge with two friends to raise funds for a local charity. This was the second year of riding this event for two of us, but for one of us it was not only his first time in this event, but his first ever century. It really was a challenge.

We rode to support Sacramento Children’s Home and their Crisis Nursery program, which “provides free emergency childcare for children age 0-5, as well as case management services for families during a crisis.” We were among 1,000 participants who cycled through the Sacramento delta, and you supported us with $750 in donations. The event overall raised $100,000 to help families in crisis in the Sacramento area.

I had a crisis of my own at the start of the ride when I realized that I forgot my water bottles at home when we got to the event. For someone who over-prepares for every ride, this shock might have caused me to drop out, but Vince loaned me a bottle (thanks, Vince!) and the local Velofix rep gave me a Velofix bottle (thanks, Jordan!). I survived that initial trauma and we kicked off  from the California State Capitol building. We’d wind through the Sacramento delta and through three counties (Sacramento, Yolo and Solano), crossing the American River on a ferry, and, for the last 40 miles, pushing through pretty strong headwinds on the way back. It was a relief to be greeted by my family at the finish line!

A big congrats to Dave for finishing his first century ride, and a final big thank you to each one of you who supported us with a donation and those near and far who cheered us on for this ride. As always, very grateful for your support!

My Strava stats for this ride are here.

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