On my back pain, one out of one doctor agrees

All things considered, my doctor’s diagnosis wasn’t as bad as it could be. He diagnosed my back pain yesterday afternoon as strained muscles. I didn’t show any symptoms of a disc or nerve issue (numbness or weakness in my legs or difficulty going to the bathroom). He said that it should get better on its own and within a few weeks. If it’s not better in a month, then we’ll have to take a closer look.

He prescribed a stronger NSAID and some back stretches. He also said that when my back feels better, I should start working on core strength and flexibility (hello, yoga). I do feel a little better each day when I wake up and I’m hoping I’ll be in good shape within a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed.

So, whatever Mark Cuban said on Shark Tank on Sunday didn’t apply to me. Going forward, I’m sticking with my doctor.

sharktank disclaimer

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