Biking for humanity

Sikh Cyclist doing an indoor ride for Bike for Humanity, April 25, 2020.

I’m trying to find ways to keep up seva through cycling, but with our shelter-in-place order and events being cancelled during the pandemic, I don’t feel entirely safe doing group events. Many events are turning virtual such as the ClimateRise event I did last week to raise funds for environmental organizations. On the heels of that ride came another opportunity called “Bike For Humanity“, led by basketball great Bill Walton, to help raise funds and awareness for organizations engaged in relief efforts during the pandemic.

There wasn’t a formal fundraising mandate, which I was quite fine with considering I just fundraised last week. Instead, our registration fees went to support the following organizations:

I rode my bike for two hours to participate in this event, and while I liked the thought of participating in something like this, and while organizations are clearly trying to make these events as meaningful and celebratory as possible (in this event, the organizer sent a t-shirt and medal), there is a somewhat hollow feeling. There’s no physical finish line to cross and no crowd cheering me on. It’s in the comfort of my own home and so it doesn’t feel especially novel, which doesn’t seem very impactful when I’m asking for donations.

Hey, I’m going to be in my own home for two hours. Want to donate to a cause to support me? doesn’t seem like a marketable pitch. Still, I’m glad to have been able to do a little more seva using my bike.

Our current times being what they are, I’ll have to be patient as I figure out how I can be impactful in terms of contributions through cycling to causes. In the meantime, I hope these organizations saw some great benefit from everyone who participated in this ride.

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