Help me commemorate Earth Day!

STP FINAL 2019 (1)

Help me commemorate Earth Day!

While in-person cycling events are being cancelled because of the pandemic, I’m excited to still be able to ride for charity and commemorate Earth Day (April 22) by participating in Climate Rise, a virtual event that is bringing hundreds of people together to raise critical funds for non-profits that are facing tough times during the Coronavirus outbreak. This is an opportunity to for me to continue cycling for charity while still keeping social distance.

Climate Rise is on April 18, and I’ll be riding my stationary bike in my garage for four hours. Anyone who has ridden a bike indoors knows that this is no small feat, and this will be the longest stretch of time that I’ve ever trained indoors.

If you’d like to send a few bucks to support my effort, you can donate here. Your donation will go to Climate Ride, the non-profit organizer of this event, and to the Environmental Defense Fund, who takes on issues including global warming, ecosystem restoration, oceans, and human health.

You’ll automatically receive an acknowledgment and I will be notified by email of your support.

Regardless of whether you can donate, thank you for your support!


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