12 weeks down, 5 to go.

32538503_10160468191005296_3353549944056184832_nIn the time it takes you to read this post, someone in the US will be told by their doctor that they have blood cancer. Every three minutes, someone’s life dreams, hopes and plans are derailed forever the second that they hear this news.

Friends, as of tomorrow I’ll have gone through 12 weeks of training for my bike ride in June to raise funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Over this time, I’ve given each one of my Saturdays to train for this cause, getting up at the crack of dawn to meet with my Team-in-Training LA Cycle Team to dedicate our day to riding through all kinds of streets and conditions to prepare ourselves for this 100-mile bike ride. The ride is a little over a month away now and I’m hoping to complete it for the third year.

The cause is important. You undoubtedly know someone who has been affected by blood cancer. I do. It hits anyone and everyone: family, friends, colleagues, celebrities, athletes. The old and young. All races. All income levels. It spares no one. And when it does strike, it takes all that a family can muster to get through with the hope to survive. And, as more and more people do make it, their lives are still changed forever in many ways.


Your donations make an impact. Click to enlarge.

I’ve ridden with several survivors — people who survived the disease, or those who lost someone who succumbed. They all share how much it has meant to them that people are personally supporting blood cancer patients by raising funds to find cures, treatments and support services. Just having this kind of support and knowing that people are taking time to extend some kind of care and support is so meaningful.

I am not profiting by any of this (well, except fitness-wise). I won’t see a dollar of what you donate. My energy is going to raising these funds for patients of blood cancer.

I know it’s easy become jaded to my pleas for donations. We’re all overwhelmed by news and requests. But today, I hope you can put aside some apathy and send a donation my way. I only need $400 to be able to send $2,600 in donations to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. These dollars may sound small, but collectively they have such impact. If you can spare some goodwill today, please visit my donation page here.

Thank you.

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